Westwood Truss has been providing Moose Jaw, Sk and surrounding areas with quality wood truss manufacturing since 1964. Bob Nelson, Terry and Lynne Paice took ownership and management of Westwood Truss in 2001. When Terry and Lynne decided to retire in 2017 Bob took over completely to ensure the employees and customers could continue to receive the same level of service and quality that many have come to expect over the years.

John Redstone, plant manager is a journeyman carpenter with over 35 years of hands on experience. John joined Westwood Truss in 2001.

Nicole Young, assistant plant manager joined Westwood Truss in 2007 as a 3rd year carpentry apprentice. In the years that Nicole has been with Westwood Truss she has gained the experience on the floor and designing the trusses.

Collin Fairweather has been with us for since 2007 and for the last 12+ years has been running the floor and ensuring the finest quality of trusses leave out the plant doors.

Westwood Truss strives to provide the end user with the quality product that meets the latest NBCC standards. Westwood Truss works closely with multiple lumber yards in and around Moose Jaw and we strive to ensure that the lumber yard receive the most competitive pricing while still meeting the NBCC standards.

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